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We can’t wait to host you and your guests aboard THE RIDE & Our Family of NYC Experiences!

Please note that the purchase of a pass does not guarantee admission on any of our experiences. As with all ticketed, limited-capacity attractions in New York City, all reservations are subject to availability. We accept the pass as a form of payment, but your reservation is not pre-paid. Your reservation is only paid for via a valid pass scan on-time and on-location for your scheduled departure.


Advance Reservations
Advance Reservations are limited per departure. We have a small fleet of buses with only 49 seats per bus. Because of their limited capacity, Advance Reservations do book up fast! We strongly recommend that you make your reservations as soon as your receive your passes to ensure that you can book into your preferred departure.

Same-Day Reservations
If you were unable to book Advance Reservations, there will be a second opportunity for you and your group to book Same-Day Reservations! We will release any unsold tickets 1-3 hours before a departure for our pass holder friends to book into via our website! Check back online before your preferred departure and if you see “PASS TICKETS AVAILABLE”, then you are good to book! Most of our pass holder friends book this way.

Keep in mind that this availability varies based on season. (The summer months and holiday season are our most popular times!)


1.) Choose the experience you’d like to book from the menu below! You’ll then be promoted to pick your preferred date and time.

2.) Select the number of guests in your party from the dropdown menu. If you cannot select the exact amount you need from that dropdown menu, DO NOT complete the booking. What you see is what we’ve got left!

HELPFUL TIP: If you are unable to select the number of tickets you need from the drop down menu (if it “grays out”), then we are SOLD OUT of Advance Reservations for that departure. 

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This image is an example of what you may see during the checkout. Scroll down to make your reservation.

Don’t worry – our website is not broken! Again, check back on our website 1-3 hours before your preferred departure and look for the “PASS TICKETS AVAILABLE” note to book your Same-Day Reservations!

3.) When you’ve selected the number of tickets you need, you will be asked to enter each pass number into the appropriate fields. Your pass will not be activated at this time. 

4.) Be sure to carefully read and acknowledge our terms and conditions. They will also be reiterated in your confirmation email for your convenience.

5.) You need to enter credit card information to hold your reservation. Your card will not be charged. However, all pass bookings are held unpaid until you arrive on-site and on time for your departure where our Customer Care Team will scan your passes.

If we cannot collect a valid scan of your passes when you arrive for your departure (if you present expired passes, missing passes, or if you miss your departure) your credit card is charged for the full price amount of that experience. We cannot ask that the pass companies pay for empty seats. See below for the exact terms and conditions you must agree to in order to complete your reservation.
New York Pass Booking Calendar Instructional Photo

6.) Enter your personal details – any add ons you may want to enhance your experience for an additional charge – and voila! You’re booked! 

7.) You’ll receive your confirmation email within minutes of completing your booking. All three of our experiences leave from different locations, so please make sure to make note of those locations during booking and refer to your confirmation email for boarding location specifics!

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered above, please email us at and we’ll help however we can! (Please note that we cannot complete pass reservations via email or phone. All pass bookings must go through our website.) 


Choose your experience BELOW to book online using your New York Pass

Passes are a retail offer only and cannot be applied to group reservations. If you’d like to book for your group of 10 or more people, please purchase tickets through our group sales department:

*If you make a booking error or fail to follow the instructions provided above, we will not provide a refund.

*New York Pass Tickets for 2021 and beyond are not yet available. Please check back for updates on availability or sign up to be added to our notification list by emailing*


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Safety Advisory

SAFETY ADVISORY: THE RIDE, THE TOUR & THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE COULD AGGRAVATE CERTAIN HEALTH CONDITIONS. The experience involves motion, sideways seating on the bus, constant starting and stopping, loud music, sounds effects, theatrical and strobe lighting, multiple television screens, and virtual reality moments specifically on THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE. There is also a simulation which involved floor shaking, sudden tilting and jarring actions, in addition to loud sounds and flashing lights. THE RIDE, THE TOUR & THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE are not recommended for guests with motion sickness or dizziness, sensitivity to strobe or other lighting effects, back, neck, or similar physical conditions, heart conditions or high blood pressure, or sensitivity to loud sounds. You are responsible for the use of your best judgements when deciding to experience our products. THE RIDE, THE TOUR & THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE are not wheelchair or handicapped accessible. However, THE RIDE, LLC does try to accommodate passengers of all abilities, when possible. Disabled passengers would need to be able to ascend and descend 4 steps to board and deboard the bus, with assistance from members of their party. For liability reasons, THE RIDE, LLC staff is not allowed to assist, except in emergency. Folding wheelchair storage can be accommodated onboard or at the box office, depending on available space.

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